Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on December 11, 2007

When I first saw these Balenciaga Cage Sandals with Ankle Pads on the runway for Fall 07, I was immediately impressed by them. I’ve always gotten a kick out of sneaker heels and of course, the Timberland type Manolos of a few years back. These sporty designs were on some straight Jetsons status and tickled my heart instantly. But even if I had the cash, I’d probably never wear them. I truly adore heels for their artistry but you’re unlikely to find me in anything higher than 3″ and all of the ones I own are creatures of comfort moreso than creativity. I think I’ll probably be the woman who has a collection of brand new Jimmy Choos sitting in my closet and only grab a pair to dance around in front of the mirror in bra and panties in my room while listening to a crazy track before I go out to take over the world in some flats.

It’s somewhat of a crime, I think, to be a woman so appreciative of fashion and unable to walk confidently down the street in sky high stilettos but it’s tasking to adjust the way I walk completely; I’m always annoyed by the women teetering down the street haphazardly in their pumps when they obviously can’t walk at all. To top it off, the pain in my calves the next day is enough of a deterrent. Beyonce is rocking the hell out of these $4175 bad boys though so I had to take another look but i’m unconvinced I could ever find the strut and swagger to pull them off. Instead, I’m so much more swayed by the shoes in the newly introduced Voltron Pack from Reebok particularly the black patent high-tops I featured above. The 5 sneaker collection is inspired by the 1980s comic Voltron; each sneaker is represented by a character from the cartoon: Court Victory (Black Lion) Pump Omni Lite (Yellow Lion) Ventilator ( Blue Lion) ERS Racer (Green Lion) and the Insta Pump Fury ( Red Lion). Not much of an afficionado in this area. I lust over an exclusive kick here and there but I’m certainly swooning over these sneakers. They definitely bear an inherent resemblance to our runway banger. Sneaker or Stiletto? Which one do you choose?


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