Katherine Hamnett thinks black girls are more beautiful

Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on February 18, 2008

So I got a tip to read this article from the British paper, The Guardian. We’ve been reading in top newspapers and easily noticing the lack of diversity on the runways during the presentation of collections during Fashion Week. Colored faces are few and far in between. And we aren’t just talking discrimination against the darkest of skin really. Neither Hispanic nor Asian models are displayed frequently. According to information the author collected, Jezebel style website – one I actually quite like for it’s ultra gritty humor – found that of the 2278 times a model stepped out onto the runway, he or she was black only 298 times. Also, they noted that eighteen designers failed to include a black model period. Let’s not even begin to discuss the one or two black beauties that play the token position in just about every show. At this point, however, i’m sadly bored over this argument; there’s nothing new about it. Style influencers of color are saying their pieces but for the most part, I’d say it goes unheard or rather, ignored. Designers continue to drag their feet because they can. Actions always speak louder than words.

Unless of course, you’re Katherine Hamnett and you’re quoted saying such things as … ‘The catwalks are full of white dogs” and calling cosmetic companies “racist bitches.” Or better yet, when your publicized opinions include that “black girls are genuinely much more beautiful than Caucasians.” Now how’s that for something you haven’t heard yet. I sure smiled smugly to myself at that last one.

Who is Katherine Hamnett anyway? I wanted to know.

She’s designed since the 1970’s and throughout the entirety of her career she’s pretty much been well known for speaking her mind on important issues particularly as it is relates to the environment sans usage of organic cotton for instance. She heralded green technology decades before it’s rise to a recent fad. She’s also well known for her over-sized t-shirts with with large block letter slogans of a politically charged nature. She’s spoken out about her doubts that shirts like hers make any difference or the same effect as they once did before now that but they certainly have a wow effect I believe and get people thinking if at least quietly to themselves.

Anyway, Katherine Hamnett still produces shirts like this. Some 80’s re-issues and some directly relevant to us today. They all pretty much stand for things that matter universally. If you check out her site, you might want to pick up one that speaks to you. Check out the two I particularly liked modeled by Kesh. Look her up. No More Fashion Victims!


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