Download your Hermes bag

Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on May 7, 2008

For those of you out there who might wonder more about my personal life, here’s a bit of of an update. I’m getting a toy poodle and sharing custody of him with one of my best friends. We’re naming him Birkin out of my love for everything Hermes. I thought i’d crown the puppy’s utmost cuteness with an equally exclusive name. This afternoon I’ve been browsing the web checking out some of my favorite brand sites and ended up at Hermes pretty quickly. I can’t recall the last time I visited this site; the design is so cute. A little man in a top hat, a suit jacket with tails and wings flies all about giving you a ‘chaperoned’ tour. When you click on your country, you’ll be prompted to shop (maybe in a decade or so I’ll do this) or travel the world of Hermes. That already sounded like fun so I proceeded to a section named Les Ailes d’Hermes which includes a bunch of simple, fun activities using the brand’s name and products. If you have a love for crafts or DIYs, Hermes handbags, particular the Kelly Iook for the activity entitled, I Want It, I’ll Have It. It allows you to pick one or all of eight different Kelly handbag designs, download it as a PDF, print it out at home or wherever and assemble your own mini Kelly bag. How cool is that?

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