Flashing Lights Volume 2?

Posted in hell yes, homeroom by Staff on May 25, 2008

The second of Kanye’s three alleged video versions to ‘Flashing Lights’ is out, leaked or not.

I’m absolutely in love with the main model, Charlotte Carter-Allen, in all her tussled just-out-of-bed-hair glory. She tries on lots of so-so ensembles in front of the mirror for a night on the town. She heads out in a backless black mini and some great leather booties.

I think i’m just posting this because Mr. West is definitely one of our closely watched style guys although (sorry Kanye) it does look like he gave this video something of a Jay Z ‘I Know’ treatment. You know, the video we posted a while back starring Zoe Kravitz. We’re not mad at you though. This one’s got it’s own point of view. Bill Pollock is the director behind the stop-motion videography which is pretty entrancing. It’s voyeuristic and a lot of fun. Definitely a different play on the sex sells scheme. It’s meant to be more emotional still. She’s hardly exposed even when she’s down to her fabulously unmatching lingerie.

Now for the dish on Charlotte. This particular British beauty was in Benetton and Ambercrombie & Fitch ad campaigns when I first saw her but that was a while ago, years even. She is now signed to Marilyn NY. Gotta give it to Kanye on the the diversity of his “video girls.” I saw a sneak peak screenshot of young black model Sessilee Lopez on a model forum a little while back from the next video so we’ll just have to wait and see what becomes of it.

The video is currently holding the Spotlight position in the center updates column of the homepage. Also, check it out below for however long this YouTube video remains working.


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