Flashing Lights Version 3?

Posted in hell yes, homeroom by Staff on May 30, 2008

Not sure what’s going on with Kanye’s camp, but the third video to ‘Flashing Lights’ has been released just days after I posted the second. As I had heard months back and mentioned in my last post, model Sessilee Lopez stars in this one though she mostly appears in and out of shadows. She’s just nineteen years of age and has a great walk, a lovely body, and a very unique androgynous edge. She usually rocks a funky, short tomboyish haircut which would have been totally hot and out of the box, even for Kanye but I see he chose to glam her up. She’s a gorgeous girl. Kanye chases her through the mist and dark of night as she struts down the street in sky high heels and a long black gown. Though this is probably the most eery and confusing of all videos, it’s my favorite. An awesome amalgamation of horror movie elements similar to the game of “Clue” where someone obviously did it or didn’t. I’m assuming Kanye did. Whatever IT is. The premise is pretty fly and the wardrobe stylist and makeup artists definitely got it in. It’s all scarily high fashion. Even the creepy maid lays, back to the ground, in some awkward ‘modelesque’ editorial pose. As far as storyline goes, it’s hard to make out an explanation of it all but I’ve already watched it twice. Watch the video after the jump.

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