An acessory that deserves some credit

Posted in do the math, hell yes by Staff on June 1, 2008

I love Jeremy Scott! I am definitely one that accepts his vision as it is and can’t stand the naysayers. He’s daring, youthful, totally revolutionary, and steadily prevails while the world around him is hatin’ … it all essentially screams ” Do your own thing and funk etiquette, yo!” so you already know he’s perfectly our style. I got a kick out of interning at People’s Revolution last summer and checking out his new collections before everyone else. People’s Revolution Public Relations represents some of the most inspiring brands including Longchamp. Their Pliage tote was a staple at my boarding school and as far as I’m concerned … normally reeks of upper class snobbishness but Jeremy has given it a fresh and fun jolt of his influence in collaboration before. What a smart move on Longchamp’s part. I lusted after the bag with the all over ‘Stomp’ print for so long. Never got it, of course. This time, however, he’s gone ahead and created a head turner that fits right in with the Longchamp aesthetic using the image of the ‘gold card’, embellished with his signature. It’s available at Colette if you’re interested.

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