Leggings Anyone?

Posted in hell yes, lunch money by Staff on June 10, 2008

Please don’t ask my opinion on the Pants vs. Leggings debate. I’m most definitely for a fly pair of leggings. And yes, I certainly do wear them as pants to an effect. I haven’t put them on with cropped tops or baby tees though I can’t say I wouldn’t have tried it if I was a petite woman with a tiny, tight behind. I tend to rock them with my kicks and an over-sized graphic tee or long tunic knits and sweaters during the colder seasons. It’s quick and easy and the right pair will lend a bit of punk or glam in one simple accessory. In general, I’ve always been pro leg wear in all shades, fabrics, and designs … the bolder the better … and when I discovered Costume Dept., it was really an orgasmic experience. The current collection is the first run for the L.A. company so I’m anticipating even better things in the future. The prices are pretty reasonable and I guarantee there’s something for anyone who appreciates a fab pair of leggings that aren’t from your nearest American Apparel!

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