10Deep SS08 Lookbook

Posted in term project by Staff on June 18, 2008

I’ve been doing a lot of research regarding streetwear brands for work and over the last month I’ve become nearly obsessive about the brand 10Deep. I’d have added a whole 10Deep section to my wardrobe already if I wasn’t thrifting due to poverty. Nevertheless, I was doing my daily scan of the site when I was surprised by the brand new Summer 08 Lookbook. I’m loving it. It’s titled “Party While You’re Still Living” which is very fitting and certainly my mantra for this summer. It looks like it takes place in some dope mini backyard waterpark … apparently in the suburbs of Jersey according to the writeup. (Mental note: When I strike it big, I’m going to have one of those.) I love the no frills, home grown point of view of the photography. Looks like the 10Deep crew grabbed some samples from the new Black Palms Collection and threw a party in their own honor. I’m sure it was a whole lot of fun. Can I be invited next time? What’s more are the ladies. There’s a handful of fly chicks rocking a few selections. 10Deep cut for curves? I dig it. The Fall lookbook was totally for the boys.

The collections ships this week so retailers should be freshly stocked in no time. Check pics from the look book after the jump.

Check out the entire lookbook here!

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