Belle of the Brawl

Posted in hell yes, lunch money by Staff on June 19, 2008

so I’m skimming the selection at Karmaloop online … checking out the new stock ready to outfit my web wish list with a bunch of goodies that I will selectively treat myself to in due time. I start with my favorite brands and head straight to a page chock full of the newest hellz bellz stuff. It’s already obvious my bank account is in for a tremendous hit. what I do notice instantly is the belle of the brawl letterman jacket that came out last season that I could never put my hands on. I coveted the black one and held on for dear life but it wasn’t meant to be. every site and store I hit up around the time it released was sadly sold out. or even worse, my size was missing. I hate that; with a passion. sure, the gray and white colorway lagged around a bit longer but I wasn’t really feeling it. up to the other day I was still lamenting about this jacket and resolved that if I could find any color anywhere at this point, I’d be content. news was that a few lucky atendees picked up that last at that crazy sample sale in san francisco I had hoped to go. there it is again. brand new … and a reasonable $150 which is cheaper than some places had this style during its previous run. It’s safely in stock for the taking … abundantly really … every size … not in black of course … that would be sheer miracle … but in an army green/white color way that fits my style a bit better than the gray. If you’re like me and were sorely sad to see this style go. here’s another chance to cop it at Karmaloop. It might just be your last.

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