my Milkshake Kicks bring all the boys to the yard

Posted in hell yes by Staff on August 11, 2008

I have generally hated wearing clothing or accessories that bear all-over logo print or a distinct style that you can just tell right away what brand they belong to. You’ll never see me with a Louis Vuitton monogram bag. I haven’t worn a pair of Apple Bottom jeans despite the fact that even Oprah loves them because they have that unforgivable apple pocket design on the back. As far as sneakers go, I mainly stick to Nike and the swoosh is prominent on every last one which is a little annoying honestly … but who else can I rely on for the right quality? Sneakers that I have seen that don’t have logos are often subpar replicas of something Nike or some other industry leader is doing at the same time for a cheaper price.

A friend of mine just told me about Milkshake Kicks, spotted on So Real Cru and our favorites … Fannypack … both dance teams on our guiltiest television pleasure … America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV. Milkshake Kicks’ newly launched line of sneakers for women come in a huge selection of Skittle bright colors and ultra feminine prints and details with no noticeable logo and branding just focus on design. For Fall, they’ll introduce the ‘Disco’ collection that has a bit of an 80’s feel … yet again … still huge in the urban realm.

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  1. shayla said, on October 18, 2008 at 10:49 pm

    i luv milkshake kicks they are so pretty

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