Married to the Mob Fall 2008

Posted in hell yes, term project by Staff on August 15, 2008

lee_signI seriously can’t wait until the fall. I’m not the biggest fan of sun. I like to be covered up more than I like cut off shorts and tank tops. I love tights and layering. I have a thing for peacoats and funky scarves. I liked to be tightly wrapped, not exposed. Let’s blame it on leaving something for the imagination.

I’ve never been much turned on by streetwear brand Married to the Mob. I really loved their name, the clever play on words that originally had me intrigued. I also found myself obsessed for a while with their Colette/Reebok sneaker collab. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my size 9 feet into an available pair for my life! Their t-shirt designs however haven’t been all that unique or special in my opinion but I’m excited to spend a bit more money on clothing this season re-vamping my wardrobe. What recession? I’m definitely finding it hard to penny-pinch when so many clothing lines are looking better than ever; MTTM is no exception. They’ve most oficially stepped up their game into an entire lifestyle brand with sweatshirts, denim jean pants, and a crazy pair of leggings I WILL indeed be picking up. Check out more pictures after the jump.


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