Bouncy, Flippy, Bendy CoverGirl!

Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on August 18, 2008

Apparently everyone who isn’t living under a rock is watching The Olypmics 24/7. I can’t even lie; I’m not. I’ve been out in the park reading and relaxing, taking walks a lot,  and going into Fidi for lunch while I’ve been here in San Francisco. I just can’t follow some of these events. Biking, Rowing for instance … bore the life out of me. But, I do get super excited when I’m perusing the guide and I see track, swimming, and gymnastics events are showing. I was in a Thai restaurant last night with the special and the gymastics floor routines were up on 3 widescreens in the place. The Chinese athletes are really amazing but Shawn and Nastia truly hold their own. I always wanted to figure skate when I was younger. There was this flexibility, feminiinity, and elegance I always admired which I found beautiful in a sport. I never once considered gymnastic lessons and when I discovered Dominique Dawes I had already decided I wasn’t much of an athlete. I see the same elements I’ve always loved in skating in gymnastics and I’ve been totally mesmerized. It seems, so has everybody else. CoverGirl sees the same beauty. For the first time in history, they have selected athletes as spokeswomen. Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin, and Alicia Sacramone were recently signed to represent the Covergirl brand joining some our favorite faces such as Rihanna, Drew Barrymore, and Queen Latifah.

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