Colette x Gap Pop Up Shop!

Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on August 30, 2008

This whole pop-up shop tactic is a pretty cool; it truly fosters an air of exclusivity and a buzz that makes people want to spend a little extra on something different and unique. I must confess however that up to now I’ve been super suspicious of this Colette partnership with The Gap … of all places. Can someone in marketing shoot me a note to explain to how these two companies have anything in common? But I guess, they’re getting the job done because I’m quite intrigued now that I see some of this product! The au courant of Collette and the essence of Gap have meshed nicely.

With the concept store opening in Manhattan on September 6th at the Fifth Avenue flagship, we’re finally getting a chance to preview some of the product we can plan to pick up. There seems to be a lot of accessory collaborations going on. I’m most excited about the Longchamp bag I’ve been hearing about though I haven’t seen any images yet. I also can’t get enough of that bow clutch designed by Alexis Mabille. The heather grey is pretty much a staple for the Gap brand and it’s very clever how sensibly the designers are using it. Very sweet and spot-on. I absolutely love the Moncler bubble; the heather grey is a great touch here. The trench coat painted by famous artist André is very Gap while certainly Collette edgy so I’m definitely giving them more and more credit. There are plenty of limited edition GAP tees planned boasting prints by Parisian as well as NY artists. Amongst the accessories are a couple of awesome collabs with Oakley, Kangol,  Hello Kitty, Incase, and much much more. What do you guys think about the robot Swavaroski crystals? So much cuteness. I cant take it!

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