Rebecca Minkoff Handbags

Posted in hell yes, Your Fashion Fix by Staff on August 30, 2008

Truthfully, I’m getting just a wee bit bothered by the Long Island Railroad. I abandoned mass transit months ago. My daily commute from Queens totaled almost 4 hours. I’d expect at least an hour and 45 minutes each way. The E train is almost always held in a stagnant position somewhere or the other  with everyone packed like sardines. Oh, and the characters never cease to amaze me. I covet the relatively quiet, spacious, clean, 30 minute ride on the LIRR from Penn Station to a block from my home each day. I pay the $160 monthly charge for that luxury. The most stress I experience is making sure i’m fully prepared to catch my train as they are hardly ever off schedule. Early, possibly. I recommend arriving at least 3 minutes before your scheduled train. But late, of course not. Unless there is some freak track fire or person whose fallen in the space between the platform and the train which is actually not that uncommon really but I tend to dodge these sort of circumstances. Well, these days my early morning commute is getting utterly compromising. I’m often uncomfortably tucked in my seat (insert gym membership here and I don’t mean for me) if I can manage to snag one at all. These trains are  getting so horribly over-packed, I’ve had to stand in the aisles on a couple occasions. Well, it’s all cause to get clever. I always choose the outside seat so I can bail out as soon as I can and swivel my body more for comfort. I’m also leaving earlier so I can just choose against the packed train for the next more accessible one. This morning, I was characteristically running too late to do that and though I luckily grabbed an outside seat, the unfortunate woman behind me stood in the aisle next to mine, her bag dangling just above my lap for so long that I was able to identify it as the Rebecca Minkoff ‘Morning After’ Bag.

Trust must be at an all-time high in New York City because I certainly wouldn’t have minded claiming it.

I was an intern at Shine Media Public Relations when I first discovered this handbag brand. I always loved when her new samples arrived at the showroom to be logged in and organized.

The leather feels awesome. There are plenty of pockets, zippers, and almost every bag has hardware to attach a longer strap if you’d like to add a bit of length so your bag can be thrown over your shoulder or chest like a messenger when you’re really on the go.

The price range is anywhere between $200 and $800! Do like us and check out her selections at Bluefly. That’s how I keep to my budget.

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  1. Discount Designer Handbags said, on September 25, 2008 at 11:07 am

    Yeah, Rebecca Minkoff makes great looking bags!

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