ANTM Cycle 11

Posted in homeroom, Your Fashion Fix by Staff on September 4, 2008

Other than smiling with my eyes at every event worthy of a Facebook picture opp, I’m pretty much tired of America’s Next Top Model. Has it really been 11 seasons already? I think somewhere after the third or fifth season, I pretty much stopped watching and tuned into the final episode/recap just to know something about what really matters … The Winner. I decided quite late to tune in last night; they were already at their first photoshoot when my friend called to ask if I was watching. No, I am not! … but I might as well. I switched the channel just in time to hear ‘Miss’ Jay confirm that one of the contestants … that happened to have the best picture thus far (or so it seems, I just switched) was born a guy. Transtastic. Isis is definitely a contender though. Her photograph was honestly great. Their task is to portray themes of political importance directly related to voting and the looming election. Imagine a drop dead gorgeous girl, dressed to the nines in a multi-thousand dollar get-up portraying such issues as bureaucracy and immigration. Hmmm? Okay, Marjorie DID make immigration look fierce. I can’t front. Tyra takes the opportunity to embrace her inner Oprah reminding the models that voting isn’t just their right but also their re-spon-si-bil-i-tee! Preach! Hey, she’s right but the job at hand is still ultimate fierceness, personality, and smiling with the eyes. I’m still practicing.

Oh yeah, this chick went home…

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