Topshop USA Live!

Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on September 9, 2008

Finally! It’s here: a Topshop site especially crafted for fashionistas here in the US that have been lurking the original UK site all this time and shedding a few extra dollars for overseas shipping. I have only made one Topshop purchase to date but I must admit it was curiosity more than anything else. I wanted to check out the quality, assess the currency exchange, how long it took to arrive, etc … the buzz in fashion magazines and media in general had been undeniable and I took the plunge in the name of ‘research’. The whole experience wasn’t that great. Thus, the single purchase. The actual dress wasn’t bad but not particularly special. I totally perceive Topshop and H&M as equals … just kept my fingers crossed for a bit of the London aesthetic. I’ve always been a huge fan of British style.

TOPSHOP.COM-USEI looked forward to giving the store a second chance and relished in the attention we were about to get here in NY as Topshop pulled out the stops for us but certainly not enough; we still have to suffer the ridiculous conversion rate. Looks like the bosses across the pond don’t care to adjust their prices to make sense with our miserable US dollar and really, the product is pretty darn expensive overall … simple tops average $50 to start and they’re lackluster so 100% not worth it. This is all pretty disappointing. When you take a look at the featured Lookbooks, you get really excited for a few choice things which could be worth it but half the stuff isn’t even available. This is such a half-stepped introduction. I’m not at all as excited as I was but I suppose I’m still going to pay attention.

Here are our faves … a few things we’re considering picking up. Notice the price is pretty darn devastating and probably could serve better use at a mini shopping spree a la H&M.

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