Vivienne Tam for HP

Posted in school supplies, Your Fashion Fix by Staff on September 9, 2008

I’m completely and utterly a Mac fan. And, you can’t kinda be one. People like me know who they are. They’re disgustingly loyal.  Sometimes regretfully so … because Apple products fatally destruct moments after the warranty is up. Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit but there aren’t ever minor problems … you hear a strange click or buzz and your machine is finished. Due to the exclusivity of the Apple design interface, fixing a problem is never cheap. Recently, I was debating what I’d do for my next computer purchase. It seems computers have a lifespan of about three years now and then they’re practically prehistoric. I figure if my Macbook is still alive, I’ll leave it home and look into something lighter and more fashionable. I first considered the 3lb Macbook Air; it’s sleek and unbelievably thin as heck but it’s still the normal width; the screen is 13.3″. I’m coveting an 8-10″ contraption that’s light and easy to carry. I’m totally thinking convenience. Something the size of a planner that will fit in the average bag. I always feel like Mary Poppins with these larger than life handbags I carry all the time. Without a doubt, i’m going to suffer from some awkward shoulder condition when i’m older.

In comes Vivienne Tam, strutting in front of the cameras and reporters rocking a red notebook computer with a gorgeous Asian-inspired peony print detail for me to lust after. Who would have guessed at all if it didn’t feature the HP logo? And it’s about to be available to every and anyone. It’s the absolute first concept of it’s kind … sent down the runway masquerading as an accessory to one of Tam’s amazing looks and they’re calling it a digital clutch. This is right up our alley once again. First Google, now HP. ‘Techno Chic.’ We better copyright that right now.

“When I was approached by HP to create a special edition notebook, I could see the design in my head instantly,” said Tam. “The notebook is a true reflection of the needs of a modern woman who cares about fashion but is also passionate about her technology. I wanted to create a notebook that would appeal to women of all ages, ethnicities and income levels across the globe.”

Do head over to for a tour hosted by Tam where you can find out more about the designer, her current looks displayed on a virtual runway as well as some goodies: specially designed wallpaper, screensavers, and icons brought to you from HP with help from another one of our favorites sites, Glam.


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  1. Lori said, on February 13, 2009 at 7:38 pm

    Thsi “clutch” is cute but not practical. Who’s going to walk around with this. Also, I want a small laptop but with first rate features.

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