Project Runway Finale SS 2009

Posted in research, Your Fashion Fix by Staff on September 10, 2008

I watched the first episode of Project Runway and and instantly selected my favorites; Leanne, Korto, and Jerell received my early approvals. Two episodes later, I had already fallen off. Is it just me or are these fashion based reality shows getting a bit redundant? I can’t tell you the last time I had any determined desire to catch any one of these series. Everything from The Hills, Project Runway, Style God, etc … it’s all so over dramatized, poorly advised; I’m not impressed. I loved The Hills at the time when I could relate to it the most. Whitney and Lauren were  wet-behind-the-ears, interns not a-million-dollars-a-season ‘actresses’ and viewers really got to see the details of what interning at a fashion magazine was like. I actually met Lauren and took a picture with her at the Yellow Fever Clothing runway show that very same year … September 2006. I can’t believe it was just a little over two years ago that I did my first magazine internship. She was playful and pretty inviting. An episode played out exactly like a day interning at Marie Claire and I found a strange smug comfort in seeing it all on the screen. I’d call my ex-boyfriend to watch just to explain how it was similar to what I was doing. We were in a long-distance relationship 3,000 miles wide and he naturally couldn’t understand the photo shoots or model sightings I raved about for three hours on the phone night after night.  I thought the likes of Kelly Cutrone would inject a bit of realness to The Hills this season; I was rooting for a comeback. Instead, she appears only slightly like the woman I knew as an intern at People’s Revolution the summer before last. That hard-ass woman I loved and feared!  Where is she?

Gossip Girl is as close to fashion inspired as I’m getting and I still think everyone is still more moved by Chuck Bass’ rebel sex appeal than they are by Blair and Serena’s outfit changes though we at FE are taking notes Jenny Humphrey! We can sense you’re about to pull the wool over our eyes and come with something BIG. We can only speculate but we know it’s coming.

Still, you have to admit there’s something uniquely romantic about Project Runway and the prize of a showing at Fashion Week for the top three or four or five as it has grown into currently. If there’s anything truly redeeming about the series is that single experience at Bryant Park. Plenty of designers  can barely dream of something like that. It’s amazing! Also, however manufactured  some of the drama is, the talent is all still their own and an appearance on Project Runway can potentially make you. Even if a contestant doesn’t win, a portfolio has been seen by the masses and you can end up starting your own line and outfitting C-list celebrities and self-absorbed teenagers planning lavish sweet sixteen celebrations! Money and recognition is always the same. I found this unusually cool video footage on the nyPost website highlighting the presentations and what the guests had to say which was a nice recap for me. My favorites made it all the way too! … though I was a bit underwhelmed by Jerell’s collection overall. Check it out!


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