M.I.A. on your back?

Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on September 11, 2008

Were you one of the lucky few back in June that secured a highly coveted ticket to see M.I.A. perform at McCarren Park pool? At that concert, she announced she was canceling her European tour which we doubted when we heard it the first time. Not surprisingly, she ended up performing at Bonnaroo and the MoMa charity shindig afterwards too! We’re still frowning because we’ve never seen her live! Either way, she said she would be stepping down from her short-lived but colorful (no pun intended) reign as the Princess of … well we won’t even attempt to categorize her music right now.

Up to this point, we haven’t heard a single thing out of her. Those darn Bamboo Bangas must have taken their toll. We weren’t worried one bit because word was that Maya Arulpragasam had other ideas in mind and we knew she’d keep busy. She’s very well known for her personal style and wardrobe risks. And it seems she singlehandedly led the way, spawning a cult of technicolor clad caricatures of 80’s/90’s babies.

M.I.A.’s launching her own clothing line and items have been released on her site with unisex items, predictably hoodies, tanks, and t-shirts but also a $210 bomber jacket, leggings, and unitard in the bold colors and ethnic, afro-caribbean inspired graphic prints we totally expected.  I particularly love the funky design that hints of national flags.

Though I initially expected something pretty horrible and was quite skeptical that she was riding a gimmick, I’m not completely horrified and do intend to pick up the leggings for sure … that would be a splurge by the way, at $85 a pair!

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