Pet Peeve

Posted in homeroom, Your Fashion Fix by Staff on September 12, 2008

I’m highly perturbed right now. First off, I had two ‘sakejitos’ at Bamboo 52 that absolutely put me out last night. Just so you know … that’s a drink that is well worth it’s $8 cost in alcoholic content. So not a diluted disappointment. Maybe the bartender slipped a bit and i’ll find out because I’m going to head to this spot again – next time at Happy Hour – and so should you. It’s just too good for [cheap] drinks and sushi enthusiasts. My California Rolls were quite tasty and the special Chicken Roll was fantastic! The music was varied and entertaining (hot DJ alert girls!) as he mixed in a few of our favorite oldies sparking a few giggles around the place. It’s interesting the sentiment a good tune carries. However, it was a bit too loud! Particularly for a Thursday night. I wasn’t in the mood to yell my conversation. Anyway, ’twas a hilarious night indeed. Positively floated on air in an attempt to walk-it-off, the fun I mean … from 52nd to 34th Street. And, we must have had fire flying from our feet because it took 20 minutes to travel the distance. I hit my mattress hard at a bit after midnight.

Fast forward to today’s Hurricane Ike induced rainstorm… I arrive home minutes ago to a wide-open mailbox stuffed to over-capacity with tons of junk and a soaked October Nylon Magazine. My heart … and jaw dropped instantly. The corners are dog-earred and sagging … pieces of Zooey Deschanel’s lovely Photoshopped-to-perfection-hair has rubbed off to the whiteness of pure paper. And, if my reaction seems over-dramatic, I don’t care. My favorite magazine is ruined! I have just about every issue spanning the last two years in my bedroom’s posession … practically in perfect condition. Meanwhile, Blender Magazine … which I’ve received free – for reasons unknown to me – about 18 months now remains slightly damp but radically uninjured as it was tucked behind Nylon. Blender’s already been dropped on top of the recyclables pile at this point for claiming that Tupac is the number one most overrated [artist] ever and featuring The Pussycats Doll in their underpinnings on the cover.  Waste of my time. The mail guy or gal should of used it to shield my Nylon instead of the other way around. And in fact, they should investigate plastic wrapping these things from hereon.

I’m a definite supporter of magazine subscriptions.

One, you get your issue weeks before most newsstands care to update their pickings.

And two, after interning at two magazines, one of which closed six weeks into my experience, I understand how integral it is to show your support.

Nylon, I love you! I’m faithful. I’m about to sit back, relax, warm up some hot chocolate and read this mag from cover to cover.

Perhaps, I’ll update you guys with an issue spoiler in say 4 hours or so. It takes some time to pore through the tiniest details.

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