Kimora on The Early Show!

Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on September 14, 2008

I’m thoroughly obsessed with Kimora Lee Simmons’ show ‘Life in the Fab Lane’ and her entire story in general. I admit she can get herself into some crazy situations and it’s clear she’s very capable of terrorizing the people around her at times … out of love and in the pursuit of perfection of course! She’s sitting on a multi-million dollar dynasty of her own creation. I’m not the greatest fan of Baby Phat apparel but you can’t help but respect her various hustles and how she continues to evolve her image and name as a brand worldwide. It’s an entity much bigger than herself and she does an admirable job propelling and protecting it. She’s my best friend in my imagination and I generally love hearing what she has to say. Beyond her cliche colloquialisms like “fabulosity” – probably copywritten at that – she’s probably got a full set of Louis Vuitton luggage worth of advice and anecdotes regarding this industry. Anyway, she appears in this bit of footage on The Early Show just in time to dish about what to expect from her Baby Phat Spring-Summer 2009 runway show this week.

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