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Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on September 17, 2008

I tend to conceal the fact that I went to prep school. Please DO NOT be fooled by Blair and Serena; Upper East Side teenagers wish they were so style savvy. Go see for yourself; perfectly packaged Ralph Lauren mannequins – i’m talking Polo … as in the shirt with the collar up … NOT ready-to-wear.  I’ve been trying to ignore the signs that prep style is re-emerging. Not that there is anything wrong with that per se.  A classic never goes away. It’s just the fashion I’ve come to appreciate is varied and unpredictable. I haven’t needed that safety blanket on this road I’ve taken. Three years ago I gave away all of my polos, ties, argyle sweaters, creased khakis, and the infamous [one] pair of Birkenstocks (ick!) and two pairs of Tory Burch flats to embark on a style renaissance all my own, never once looking back. I mean, I often experience deadly cravings; I get heavy pangs in my heart that hint of a mild attack when I pass the J. Crew store in Soho. Still, I figure it would not be in my best interest to turn back. You can understand how disappointed I am that i’ve recently found myself perusing the Rugby website quite often. Talk about a relapse!

This label is a spinoff by Ralph Lauren with the same sensibilities except, there’s so much more of an obvious youthful mirth, an edgier, rebel tone to the basic pomp of prep. Watching the video footage on the front page gave me boarding school nostalgia.  Where was this brand when the J. Crew and Abercrombie catalogs were flooding our mailboxes? This is eight years too late. I’m already coveting a few pieces … and I’m excited to see how i’ll make it align with my current look. Even stranger is that the Ralph Lauren fairy has clearly been watching me these last couple of days. I received a special offer in my inbox this morning regarding the Rugby Friends & Family Event. From September 16 – October 6th, you can receive 30% off of products online using code RLFA2008 and also in stores using the invitation. Free shipping on orders over $150 to boot! Now, if my credit card allows … I have no choice  but to grab that blazer, the sweater dress and the vest … and maybe even a bowtie and a button-up while I’m at it.

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