Karl Lagerfeld x Steiff Teddy Bear

Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on September 19, 2008

We chose not to mention this collaboration when we first heard about it. Of all the ridiculous things Lagerfeld has done with himself lately … like posing for a magazine wearing a Billionaire Boys Club jacket,  chain-adorned Phat Farm baggy jeans and Adidas sneakers referencing rap as an inspiration, even selecting Jay Z as the next face of Fendi … we had enough shock value to last us quite some time. We refused to entertain some Build-A-Bear like toy project he’s involved in with Steiff, the German toy company. Now that we see images of the teddy bear we think it’s really pretty chic as much as a plush toy can be anyway …. but at 1000 Euros and $1500 at stores like Barney’s and Bergdorf Goodman, this is one exclusive release Colette was first to boast about that we’re not drooling for. The teddy bear, clearly set to be a collector’s item was created with older kids … teenagers in mind as consumers. It rocks the iconic black suit and sunglasses central to Lagerfeld’s image … right to the white buttoned up shirt with the uptight high collar.

ps: check this treat out.

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