Jeremy Scott for Adidas

Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on September 26, 2008

I pretty much love everything Jeremy Scott. Anything he lays a designing hand on, i’ll covet. I searched the internet for months following his Ksubi collaboration and the skirt I really wanted would taunt me on every celebrity site – I love you Zoe Kravitz but the celebs have all the luck – and never anywhere for purchase. Similarly, the ‘Gold Card’ Longchamp bag did an admirable disappearing act that rivaled David Blaine. And the entire time interning at People’s Revolution I kept my fingers crossed, while Zein sauntered around in his jeans, that we’d hold a sample sale or that Edward would throw something my way. I’ve still yet to find that signature piece I’ll splurge and call my own. I would feel honored. It’s really that serious.

I’m so excited that adidas Originals has signed a multi-season deal with him to design apparel and footwear for both men and women … scheduled to release on February 1, 2009. That’s just around the corner! The collection will be launched in select boutiques  and a month later sold in adidas Originals stores nationwide.

“I really thought about all the things that my friends would want to wear, and a lot of my friends are pop stars. So I thought, ‘What would M.I.A. wear; what would the girls wear?’ Giant silver sequined shorts and jacket! It has a very strong look, because it’s like a disco mirror ball” says Scott. Source

Those gold high-top sneakers with the wings are over-the-top, out of control and as impractical as I like to be so you better believe I have to have them! Never seen anything like that. And, this time around I’m definitely getting that t-shirt with his signature zipper print. We can expect fringed jackets, a leopard print hoodie, a cropped bustier, and sequined shorts and trackpants in the line. I’m already aching in anticipation and I’m sure the folks at Adidas can’t contain themselves with how special this collaboration is. The apparel ranges from approximately $45 to $450 while footwear spans a $120 – $250 range.

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