Michelle Obama in H&M

Posted in american history, hell yes by Staff on October 2, 2008

I hate to be the the only naysayer … well actually I quite enjoy it at times … but in this case, while everyone rang their bells in praise of Michelle Obama’s $150 White House Black Market dress a few months ago, I shook my head because I didn’t like it one bit. It wasn’t the price tag; I’m a humble budget shopper … most of the time. And, I wasn’t as surprised and enamored as everyone else. $150 isn’t that cheap. It was The View for goodness sakes. I understood the excitement to an extent and found a smug humor in it but part of me wished she had worn something a little better. I did find myself thinking maybe had she spent a little bit more … well you know he rest.

I think the consciousness Americans have shown regarding the wares our presidential candidates’ wives have been wearing is fascinating proof of what fashion really is and what it should mean. Critics might look down at the fashion elite for enumerating the worth of Cindy McCain’s Oscar de La Renta ensemble and Chanel baubles rather than discuss her husband’s public policy. Still, the point brings up some insightful context about class, consumption, greed, etc. And while Vanity Fair reported that Cindy McCain’s Convention outfit totaled a whopping $300,000 including earrings the price of a pretty decent American home, Michelle Obama’s running around campaigning in Detroit wearing an H&M dress estimated at $34.99. And it’s pretty well chosen. I adore H&M like everyone else … maybe more but I pass on the good majority of its offerings. Michelle’s Narcisco Rodriguez like pick is simple with vibrant, fresh colors, and classic lines that … considering it’s H&M origins, isn’t overly trendy. Gotta love this woman. She’s kicked the fashions up a notch during this entire campaign. The others … have worn designer threads like uniforms. Somebody pass them a lookbook please. Michelle’s done her own take every time.

Let me know if you were one of the many people I’m sure headed out to try to find this dress after the frenzy and FOUND it … or didn’t. It’s cute but I wouldn’t even try. This is New York City. I’m not going to find it.


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