Copycat: Victoria Secret does Marc Jacobs

Posted in funky fresh dressed, hell yes, lunch money, plagiarism, Your Fashion Fix by Staff on October 16, 2008

Last fall/winter, Marc by Marc Jacobs offered us some of the most playfully cute booties and we were sold. But at $500-600 a pair … they were just that … a sight to behold. There wasn’t any use crossing our fingers for discounted sale opportunities. Apparently we weren’t the only ones paying close attention; these lovelies sold out in no time or even worse, the smallest most unreasonable sizes lingered around just to taunt us. These booties weren’t our fave of the offerings ( don’t even get us started on the pair we peeped in Teen Vogue) but we loved how practically urban they were – the simple design – and those compassionate chunky heels. Now we’re talking a crush that is many months old now … almost a year. And, as hints of cool air roll in again, we were reminiscing on how perfect they would be for Fall frolics. After being attacked by 15-25% off sales promotions – one after the other – from the Victoria’s Secret mailing list for weeks now … I finally decided to take a look at their offerings and here I see … an almost exact replica … the suede-on-suede almost better in my opinion … at only $88 dollars. A steal. 25% off new fall footwear styles you say Vicky? You guys already know what I’m thinking.

In just about every case, people say that being a copycat is an example of bad etiquette. And usually, we at FE hold our head up against faux luxury items and heinously blatant Forever 21 runway remakes. None of us can afford a Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag as much as we may covet it and though we walk down Canal at least once a week, buying a knock-off would be unforgiveable. We’ve lusted over the classic Chanel quilted handbag for what feels like a lifetime! Unfortunately, we’re giving in this time. Don’t judge us!


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