Nylon nominates Paris Hilton for President.

Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on October 20, 2008

I had an awkward experience on the train this morning. The new issue arrived in my mailbox on Saturday but I spent the day too busy to attend to my usual rituals. Instead, it is Monday morning – less the big cup of marshmallowy hot chocolate and down comforter – and I’m cramped within a 10″ bubble next to a woman who must bathe in her choice perfume and I’m feeling utterly dizzy. Despite the very limited space I’d been allotted for bodily movement, I dug my arm into my carryall rubbing the surfaces of its contents in an attempt to find my new Nylon glossy. I’ve never been ashamed of opening a magazine in public before. Though, I imagine I’ve been insecure about lesser things in life. I just couldn’t find the purpose in featuring Paris Hilton for an issue that intended to tie-in the impending vote and all things lifestyle Americana. This comes off as pure parody and I’m about 95% certain that isn’t the point. Sure, it’s a deeply American phenomenon that Paris Hilton earns tons of media time and is apparently the most photographed woman in the world. Talk about a country in need of change … but whatever, I’d prefer to be left alone to my own frivolous vices so in the name of compromise … Paris Hilton can most definitely pose for magazines in ironic specs and uncharacteristically grungy plaid beside a headline that states ‘Paris for President’ but I will have to think thrice whether I can be seen with said magazine in tote.

The entire ordeal wasn’t worth it. I should’ve taken a nap rather than play McGuyver on an 8 o’clock train to read this magazine. Paris’ spread is quite possibly the best thing about the issue; she looks naturally pretty in an underwhelming i’m-trying-to-not-try-too-hard get up …. good look hair and makeup people. As for substance … never mind the corresponding write up and with the ideas well obviously running dry in this issue, topics include friendship bracelets, big hair, and initialisms (that’s not a word is it?) like OMG and WTF. They also spotlight Keri Hilson, Kid Sister, and Chester French – artists that are all entirely too exposed and overly talked about the moment. Way to jump on at the end of the PR rush.

What else can I say about the November issue of Nylon? Well, I’d probably have voted a different publication to read this month if there was a running election. We’re sorely dissapointed and we’re sure those hipster zeitgeist faithfuls don’t appreciate this. We still adore you here at FE, sometimes family just funks up … in a bad way.

I ventured to the Nylon site for answers … for an explanation really. Please peep the video. It’s entertaining. It almost helps the cause, almost.

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