Lauren Conrad College Tour

Posted in homeroom, recess, term project by Staff on October 30, 2008

For a moment I figured People’s Revolution was representing Lauren Conrad’s apparel line … because this news is pure genius! But, I did a bit of googling to find that it wasn’t so. She’s represented by Red Light PR in Los Angeles if it matters to any of you. PR Newsire reports that the ‘Hills’ star is peddling around her spring collection to a number of college campuses particularly in Austin, Atlanta, Boston, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles for a tour of sorts that will promote her fashion line. What a smart idea … totally honing in on an important section of the demographic that fills her loyal fanbase. The gimmick includes runway presentations featuring college students as models as well as a prize where one lucky winner will spend Fashion Week traipsing around with LC herself. I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by her stuff to date but I might be swayed if she appeared on my block campaigning her line like she was running for public office so I’m sure this will be a success. I have noted one or two pieces under her label that I wouldn’t mind owning but at their price point, I probably could search in the garment district for some fabric and sew the pieces myself; she currently offers a lot of jersey and knit as well as basic designs and silhouettes that beg of many of the not-of-her-own-design fashions she wears around town. Biting much? The actress recently admitted to wanting to leave her reality television series behind her so I suppose she’s focusing her energy on one of her other hustles. Either way, I think this is a keen marketing scheme and i’m curious to see how the collection performs in stores in a few months.

Just in case you need more info …

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  1. coffee said, on January 4, 2009 at 3:07 am

    so are Lauren and Adriana still getting along alright?

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