The Way of Women

Posted in homeroom, raise your hand, recess, Your Fashion Fix by Staff on December 12, 2008

lee_signI started my first internship at Shop Etc. Magazine in the summer of 2006. (My how time flies!) There were a wealth of labels and designers to familiarize myself with and the learning curve was huge! Plenty of new designers and brands that I had never heard of, I came to love and covet every day. I recall wrapping the most perfectly lush ivory scarf by Sportmax, a secondary spawn of Max Mara, around my neck every day for almost a month as I stripped garment bags and spent hours in the fashion closet.  I remember the other perfectly edited picks we had requested from the Italian company full of yummy chunky knits, lace, plaid, blazers, leather, wide legs, and earth tones galore … I needed, wanted, every single piece we requested for my  own closet. I longed to be a Sportsmax woman that winter. Now that I think of it, the collection was ahead of it’s season and would fit in rather nicely with this season’s most popular trends. Yet, I digress …

I discovered Way of Women today, a unique project supported by Sportmax and I’m not sure I quite understand the connection with the brand beyond the collection featured for Spring 2009 but their sponsorship of this venture is just another reason to love them. The scheme appears to create a story or identify the audience for what appears to be a noticeably younger, simpler line called Sportmax Code.

The site profiles the thoughts and banter of young women in creative fields such as art, music, photography, fashion, design, journalism, film, etc. who report on the world as they see it through short interviews and visual content. Thoughtful conversation related to the arts and culture between a group of smart, special women across the globe is certainly an interest of ours. We’ll be listening, watching, etc.

W-O-W is a space to promote the work and experiences of creative women.

W-O-W is a place where to find hints, advices, addresses and travel tips as seen by a woman’s point of view.

W-O-W is a web based magazine that will make use of interviews, features, audio and video contributions to tell authentic stories about being a woman in today’s world.

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