Never Ever [again] 21!

Posted in detention, lunch money, recess, snapshot by Staff on December 20, 2008

I definitely endorse Forever 21. I’d never turn down a cheaper alternative to trendy impulse buys that will fall off their hanger and find a home on my closet floor in a few months. Still, I’m a faceless Internet lurker. I pretty much wont touch a Forever 21 store with a twenty foot pole. It’s an unforgiving mess from the door every single time at every location I’ve tried and I’m more convinced after today’s experience.

I walked around aimlessly for about ten minutes in the Roosevelt Field Mall spot. There wasn’t a single thing I found interesting enough and to say that it was crowded would be a gross understatement. The line at the register was 23 poseur fashionistas long when I entered. That should have served as a sign that customer service was truly lacking but on the way out I suffered an aha! moment spotting a faux fur vest on a mannequin set on a raised (read: unreachable unless I didn’t mind looking unforgivably fiendish) table and there had been none on the floor or I would have caught it earlier.

I am very proud of my discerning eye. I have found many a hidden treasure amidst the ‘garbage’ in thrift shops and Marshall’s alike. I very politely approached seven employees to inquire about the vest which unless I scrounged around the store checking every which way, over and under, they would not help and I could by no means buy it off of the mannequin.

Are you kidding me? The last one in the store? and I couldn’t have it? I have worked in various retail environments where that was pretty much an every day occurrence. Whatever happened to the customer is always right, anyway? It’s Christmas. I did another fruitless circle of the store and sulked my way out. Yes, I was sorely disappointed and what made it worse? There was another vest on the mannequin in the window taunting me. Are you serious?


Well, I returned thirty minutes later and promptly undressed the easier accessible mannequin in the window removing my reward.

It pays to funk etiquette, people.

I also caught sight of a misplaced satin red bow party dress on  a table featuring graphic tees that seconds later, I was already being questioned about where I had found it. It’s very cute. I think it’s a great competitor for the New Year’s Eve stunner.


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