Beyonce and Ciara in January Elle ’09

Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on December 23, 2008


Beyonce’s covering next month’s Elle. Sasha Fierce graces the cover of the subscriber’s version. I’m not jealous. I’m tired of her unavailing crusade to couture. Not every star can do edgy. Beyonce looks like a lost deer in headlights as Sasha.  We don’t mind her Miss Universe inclination. She has nothing to prove. Let it rest already. The only thing I prefer about the cover on the right is the minimal amount of text. What is with all those words on the cover?

Surprisingly Ciara’s also featured in a five or six page spread that isn’t mentioned on the cover. I think it’s a bit overkill to highlight two pop divas in one issue (snore!) but Ciara must be preparing for a comeback and I hope she chooses against the ‘fierce’ approach and does something more original or interesting. She models pieces from Max Mara’s new collection and the tone is luxurious and edgy but not convincing and the point of view is too scattered. We’re not swooning over any of this; I just don’t get it. We love the first pic but we also almost think it’s Rihanna.

Photographed by Dulsan Reljin and styled by Christopher Niquet


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