The Smarter Man

Posted in american history, homeroom, raise your hand by Staff on December 23, 2008

lee_signI was considering submitting this experience on Overheard but it takes forever for them to pick and choose. Or so it seems … our friend Rob said he was shocked when after nearly five months he was e-mailed that his had been chosen.  So instead you, our loyal readers, get first dibs on my recount of a hilarious great conversation between two men dishing about life like schoolgirls on the Long Island Railroad.

Man #1: New girlfriend?

Man#2: Yes, and she’s the hottest one naked to date. She’s the one.

Man #1: She’s 23, you said?

Man#2 (at the very least 30):  Perfect age. She asks me for advice all the time. I help her make decisions. I’m the man. She wants to know what like. She tries it; she likes it.  She thinks i’m smart as fuck. Older women aim to prove that they don’t need you; they want to be in control. The only thing they ask me for for is money and gifts. They always think they’re the smarter ones.

Man #1: They are smarter. I need a woman our age, older even.

Even though I was too impatient, Overheard is def Funk Etiquette recommended. I check it out at least once weekly. Check these picks from today’s goodies.

this one is a little less than politically correct but I don’t have a problem with that.

Except for Tuesdays, When I’m Half Navajo.

Mom: Why don’t you want to go to that high school?
White daughter: Because there are too many black people.
Mom: I thought you were black…
White daughter: Yeah, I used to be black by association, but now I’m Puerto Rican.

— Penn Station

No One Else Has Problems Like We Do!

Young woman #1: Oh my god, I have to have this handbag. Isn’t it gorgeous?
Young woman #2: Oh my god, yes it is! You have to buy it.
Young woman #1: Oh, I am so buying it. I only hope my Kate Spade doesn’t get jealous.

— Coach Store, Madison Ave.


And check out this completely irrelevant yet fantastically clever tidbit to follow,

I’d love to posses the discipline and skills to accomplish something like this for even a year. Very cool.


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