Daddy’s Girls

Posted in homeroom, research by Staff on December 28, 2008

fethebloglogo_signAside from watching Gossip Girl faithfully, Law and Order (though I’ve seen every episode at this point) and home design series on HGTV are the rare occasions I turn on the television. Every now and then I hear something funny, an outfit catches my eye,  a commercial is particularly witty … or a show premieres that lends itself to inspiration, scrutiny, and a blog post or few. I  also often find myself flipping to superficially meaningless absurd shows that I’m really too good for merely for shock value. Maury is definitely my guiltiest pleasure.

Sundays seem excruciatingly worse than every other day. Attention out there media planners, television execs and the like. Sundays are an absolutely underrated treasure. The average American is just waiting to be lured by entertainment. Give us something! I’ve been begrudgingly watching The Run’s House marathon for three hours now and I just get a bit of kick out of it because they are probably the only small screen family to ever do the reality thing that I can actually identify with and it’s their antics at home that prove that they are down-to-earth.

The two sisters – Angela and Vanessa Simmons – are hosting the marathon which stuck out to me as they are usually my favorite personalities on the show; their youngest brother Russy is a very close competitor. The sisters’ love-hate relationship is fun and endearing. My siblings and I are very different and love each other to death but often bicker and haze each other when our opinions clash or just for a good laugh. Angela often steals the show with her outspoken, go-getter, rebel instincts and fashion background, she’s a fellow FIT alumnus and has ever-changing personal style. And if you’ve paid attention even a little bit over the past seasons, the two sisters have literally grown up on screen starting and still running to date, a successful sneaker/street wear line called Pastry. It’s easy to understand how they’ve landed their own spinoff MTV show, Daddy’s Girls, (check out the trailer!) that will follow them as they re-locate together to Los Angeles and try to find their way on their own.


Daddy’s Girls premieres January 5th at 10:30 PM.



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