Pastry caught stealing cupcakes?

Posted in detention, homeroom, Your Fashion Fix by Staff on January 18, 2009

the cut put us on first.

and, we had to keep diggin’. we found the goods but weren’t motivated to comment until MTV baited us. I’m indulging in my guiltiest pleasure right now; another ridiculous episode of Daddy’s Girls. It starts as Jess accompanies Angela on another shopping excursion at the neighborhood Intermix. We’re not mad at you Ang; if you got it, flaunt it. She excuses herself on the pretense that they can call it market research.

That presumption tickled us because perhaps they ought to have done some REAL market research or they wouldn’t have found themselves in this mess.

Truth be told, I’m neither a fan of Pastry nor Johnny Cupcakes but it’s relatively easy to find out about either brand. Any one who maintains an ear to the streetwear market a la Hypebeast would have read about the Johnny’s colorful designs that have stirred a lot of interest particularly in Los Angeles (the sister’s new stomping grounds) as there is a free standing store on Melrose.

Well, we hurt our discerning eyes following this and we think Johnny definitely has an argument here. One shirt is an obvious knock-off and the others bear an unsettling likeness. I think these girls have a serious issue at hand and they better fire their designer because I think it’s pretty safe to say they don’t design this stuff themselves. We haven’t even seen them work on anything related to the business since the series on MTV started. I like the girls though and totally believe they had an authentic creative idea when they started with the sneakers. Maybe they just aren’t ready for this wide expansion into apparel and accessories. One step at a time, ladies.


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