Posted in funky fresh dressed, hell yes, music theory, raise your hand, Your Fashion Fix by Staff on January 24, 2009

via jak and jil

There is no other entourage alive with as much funk etiquette. Clearly no rules apply with this set. Front row accoutrement in Milan, i’m sure. There’s some we’d take and leave here.  For starters, I’ll have the jacket  with the red piping and the luggage on the far left. Pass me that green moto jacket and the leopard pants. Kanye’s tartan plaid trench better be already in the mail for me homie! Those red wayfarers tickle me on the right. I can dig it. Don’t forget those either. We see you Fonz. Get your cut and sew on. I guess we can safely assume that Kanye’s future line is way more fresher than sean john. we love you diddy!

In other news, we do NOT plan to comment on Kanye’s sneaker drop  with Louis Vuitton that has been permeating the blogsphere and creating a buzz the last couple of days. Those kicks need a few more people. Kanye’s ego doesn’t count. NO soy excited.

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