Posted in term project, Your Fashion Fix by Staff on February 8, 2009

February 1st, 2009 promised the launch of the eccentric collaboration between adidas Originals and Jeremy Scott. We mentioned it a little while ago but news of pricing for particular pieces have leaked and we’re settling on three important must haves.

  • The JS Wings sneaker should set us back $180 but we’re really very excited about the gold color way.
  • The zipper shirt is one size fits all and a hefty $85 for a tee but the dramatic zipper graphic is on trend yet artsy and unique.
  • We’ve coveted the Hooded Fleece Tux ever since we saw Keri Hilson rockin’ it in the ‘Knock You Down’ video. It’s $170!

The Fleece Leopard Hoodie, also one size fits all is a bit too much of a novely item to reconcile paying $180 for it. I’d just schlep around the house in it anyway or make the occasional laundromat or supermarket run. I can only imagine the looks but I’d love it!



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