love in the time of recessionista

Posted in required reading by Staff on February 15, 2009

lee_signI’m sick … on my death bed

by that I mean i’m totally, immensely, mind-boggingly in love. Love is a disease. Long. Slow. There is no cure.

The unique thing is that it will be hard, it will hurt, it will be damn annoying at times … like hot flashes but still be utterly amazing most of the time. How crazy is that?

You may know this or maybe you don’t. I’m an expert.

There is this dude named James … well that’s his alias for political purposes and you will likely never see him refer to himself as such. So yeah, call him Jim. Jimmy’s off limits unless you’re family. I have inducted myself and have heard of no objections to date.

I don’t normally do this sort of thing. I’m just in the mood to let it all out … a few examples of why he is a more perfect companion than anyone else and the only one for me:

I got a good, warm feeling when he affectionately held my knees as he slammed on the brakes because he couldn’t catch the light. My head bobbed back hard and my neck hurt a little. But, it is clear he thinks about my well being. I know for a fact that he’s got my back and wouldn’t intentionally cause me harm.

He speaks to my tummy. He actually bent his head over and spoke to it. In public. It was damn silly and ridiculous but I think he’s cute when he does these sort of things. He can do silly things with me like there is no one else in our world. He forces this mean Brooklyn girl to lighten the hell up and I could see him talking to my tummy in like 10 years and it wouldn’t be silly then. He would have brushed up his skills. He’d be great at it and we’d love it. Catch my drift?

His good habits do rub off on me and they should continue to. Like reading newspapers … I have moved up to books now actually … checking stocks, saving money, brushing his teeth before bed.  He is frugal and I do relax my spending habits so he is comfortable knowing that I will not spend us shop us into bankruptcy if he ever popped the question. There are others … but you get it already.

He is as good looking to me as he was six young years ago. And, he gets hotter to me as he ages and grows hair.

Our first kisses were pretty intense. I’ve learned that there is a lot more where that came from. And, I am all for discovery. He makes me horny. So much so that I use that word … a word that I hate … that I never use. It’s the only way to describe that I want to rape him … all the time.

To be honest, I trust him … completely. It’s scary.

We have fun, we laugh, we smile, we stand by each other in the best of times and the worst. We love each other and it’s so real our picture should appear when you search ‘love’ on Wikipedia.

It’s his favorite website.

… because he’s a nerd. And it’s okay because he makes me smarter.

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