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Posted in detention, lunch money, raise your hand by Staff on February 26, 2009

drmartenshighheeledbootbrownsfethebloglogo_signI e-mailed the fingernails off of Buki Fadipe at Brown’s Fashion until I got some attention. He or she tried to slide right over my request. You fail at your job, by the way. How about trying to make your company more money? I must own these Darcie heeled Dr. Marten’s immediately. I dare these customer service advisors at online boutiques to ignore me. Do your funkette job! I will blow up your inbox until I receive the appropriate attention or response. The pulldown menu to select sizes has had errors for days on this item and I was more than itching to enter my credit card information before I caught my senses! I began to dream of holding these bad boys in my hands, the fresh out of the box smell … I couldn’t wait to lace them just up right. This purchase was going to make up for the rude Dr. Martens USA site that puts things on sale for one day then discontinues the style and replaces the product with its ugly twin sibling. I’ll have to pass on the chunky sole Doc. To each their own. I had to muddle around the internet to find them on Online Shoes. At a 40% discount, I couldn’t complain;  I was all smiles … that was until I found out my size was sold out.

I don’t care about this and that and sold out and such. Lies. They still appear on the site. Buki Fadipe, find me the last box of size 7’s in the warehouse and you can be our best friend!


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