have you been real?

Posted in homeroom, research by Staff on March 4, 2009

rw-logoI saw news regarding an upcoming casting in a certain city while perusing apartments on Craigslist. I thought i’d see if more info would surface on the web. I’ve been waiting on the livest ‘The Real World’ season since Hawaii. Get this, I was 14 when I was sneaking to watch then! The last season I paid moderate attention to was Las Vegas, I think. Actually, I remember watching a bit of the Key West season. Anyway, I am highly dissappointed that New York namely my borough of Brooklyn was undermined by the lamest castmates ever. Frankly, they make New York seem boring. That is hard to do. Depressing. I fondly remember the antics between Coral and Mike from the ‘Back to NY’ run. “Real” people – and in this day and age I acknowledge that word is used loosely – do check out information here and try out for the next season. At the very least, live in the dopest house you will probably ever live in your entire life and try out a new city. You know I don’t have any problems with that! I’d just love to know what casting is really like so fill me in if you do it!

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