make you change your perspex-tive

Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on March 12, 2009


fethebloglogo_signMy boss lady and I spent the morning drooling over the Chanel coverage in WWD and then focused our attention to the collection look by look on Chanel’s aesthetic never changes. Karl Lagerfeld always impresses me. The black-and-white, the knitwear, wool, tweed, boucle, intricate beading, the ultra-luxe femininity but ne’er forget the neck breaking power suit. Will I ever own one of these? I die as we flip through each one. I once caught an older woman on the subway in hers and nearly fell out of my chair. Perfection at any age. Karen Elson opened the show. Google her. I know i’m not the only one that appreciates his fetishy rosettes, ruffles and bow touches. Those do it for me. A Chanel woman is forever young … like the dimpled smirk on a successsful woman. I’d like to also take a moment to spotlight those full sweeping trousers. As I scour my favorite stores in search of the perfect wide leg pant, I shall remember these. You know what to expect and yet there is great innovation and creativity. Karl’s novelty see-through handbag (pictured above) called the Perspex is a cheery play on the brief case, made of what appears to the be the plastic casing one would likely find in a toy store, it is as hugely functional as it is flamboyant revealing compartments for the epic Chanel quilted leather clutch, a Chanel perfume bottle, Chanel iPod, eyeglasses, Chanel lipstick and more.

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