Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on March 13, 2009

badgallashwaterproof19usI’m aware that the recommended lifetime of mascara is something like 3-6 months but I never have the discipline to use mine daily and as such, my favorite is going on eight months old and it isn’t done.  I really love this stuff though. I don’t go out without a quick application. It truly reveals, evenly spread full lashes I had no idea existed and dries quickly so I don’t really experience much smearing. I’d like to avoid some heinous eye infection so it’s definitely time to re-stock. I once got the worst infection when I first started  wearing contact lenses so I’m sensitive about that sort of thing. Ifethebloglogo_sign have also become faithful to spectacles and own about ten different styles that range from geek chick to a colorful pink, purple, and teal kindergarten style that usually makes people smile. I’m definitely a long time fan of Bad Gal Lash. Mine isn’t the waterproof kind. I’m going to try it and see if it makes much of a difference. I always hear waterproof mascaras are hard to remove and turn into a goop-like gelatin consistency that must look pretty rough the morning after?


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