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Posted in detention, homeroom by Staff on March 17, 2009

We did the grueling internships before MTV hooked Lauren Conrad up with a stint at Teen Vogue where she rustled through clothing on racks but mainly lamented about boyfriends and sucky best friends. Not reality in the slightest. We were dragging ridiculously heavy garment bags to 62 Grand and delivering hundreds of invitations by hand and on foot before Whitney Port even knew who Kelly Cutrone was. We gave away more than a few Friday nights and would have given up our life … our love is true and unwavering but that’s REAL life. While ‘reality’  these days are filled with ‘Lala Land’ delusions, the truth is the publishing world is dying and you have to donate a vital organ to the cause, know people, or be pigeons-poop-on-me-daily lucky to land an assistant job anywhere. We gave up just last week and have secret plans of skipping town entirely. Especially since we watch publications fold up,  stores and brands close and die on a daily basis. It’s depressing. I’ll fill you in soon.

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