carine roitfield revealed on cnn

Posted in american history, Your Fashion Fix by Staff on March 18, 2009


You might remember our mentioning a few days ago, a tidbit we received notice of about CNN videographers following around French Vogue’s Carine Roitfield at Fashion Week. It was rumored and confirmed that she was being taped and interviewed for an official feature and we updated you all about when you could catch it. We weren’t sitting in front of the television in time for the first showing but it’s all up for viewing on the CNN site here. There are also ‘Revealed’ features profiling Diane Von Furstenberg and Venus Williams. We tried to embed it here directly to no avail. We do plan to watch again on our 60″ when it re-airs. The woman is humble with a genuinely simple heart. She’s brilliant!

Another treat? In the video you’ll watch Carine discussing with her colleagues which of Mario Sorrenti’s photography of Scarlett Johansson should be selected for the April cover feature. We just saw the new cover elsewhere and approve their final choice. Frankly, we adore French Vogue’s minimalist chic aesthetic. Give us more!

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