the wheels on topshop go ’round and round

Posted in american history, homeroom, Your Fashion Fix by Staff on March 30, 2009


fethebloglogo_signThree more days ’til Topshop opens in Soho.

For real this time too; the buzz is intense.

This is one heck of a stimulus plan if I could declare one. The streets are talking. Considering the retail tip-toeing Americans have been doing, we sure are glad the British are coming and promising quite the party.

Gimmicks aplenty and guerilla marketing planned, the Topshop Heartschallenger Vans – clever renditions of the ice-cream trucks iconic to the start of a New York summer – will roll around the city giving out free goodie bags! Get yours!

Topshop plans to report their whereabouts in real time on the official site via GPS tracker and updates on Twitter.  Where was this technology when YSL was doing the very same thing? Clearly, Topshop means business.

Here are planned locations for today.

12:20 PM — Van#1 at Columbia (535 W 116th Street, bet Broadway & Amsterdam)                                            Van#2 at Parsons (5th Ave & 13th Street)

2:30 PM — Van#1 Nightingale Bamford School (92nd Street bet. 4th & Madison Aves)                                    Van#2 at Pratt (144 W 14th Street, bet. 6th & 7th Aves)

3:45 PM — Van#1 at The Spence School (22 East 91st Street, bet. 5th and Madison Aves)                                Van#2 at The Fashion Institute of Technology (27th Street & 7th Ave)

Apparently,  a very Gossip Girl set and design students are the focus for the day but they’ll be continuing this promotion until the opening so there will be plenty more opportunities to track them down.

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