It ain’t easy bein’ a Dimepiece

Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on March 31, 2009

fethebloglogo_signOver at the Dimepiece website today, I found a lot of goodies worth sharing. The Spring 2009  collection entitled ‘Plastic City‘ has been announced and the lookbook is up. It’s just as impressive as we expected. Take a look for yourself. These girls have a really keen eye. They are doing their own thing and we’re paying considerable attention. Considering that we are loyal [Hellz] Bellz over here, we have to admit the girls over at Dimepiece are stiff competition. Our pockets are officially itching.

We also noticed a little frustration at their News blog section, updated with images of Kill City product that bear a very unsettling likeness to the brand’s own ‘LA leggings’. We definitely appreciate our fair share of copycats though some might say it’s bad etiquette … particularly when some $2,392,374,623,947 designer style is made more accessible through a certain chain store … cough Forever 21 cough H&M. We usually turn our noses up for a second, then run out to claim the prize. However, Kill City we don’t believe you. You need more people. These ‘GPS leggings’ are knocks off in the worst way and don’t stand up. They’re obviously on sale available in every single size because they are second rate. And, we hate to put you on blast because your jeans are killer!

The take home message though is that the people are feeling it and you know what they say … imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Dimepiece’s design had long ago sold out. By the time I  even decided to inquire further, they were gone. Besides, i’ve never even been to Los Angeles I figured. I’m a New Yorker born and raised.

We’re way excited because the girls spilled that a New York pair is in the works for Fall ’09! The fashion gods heard our prayers. We are so down. 

Oh yeah, Kill City can kill themselves immediately.

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