Posted in homeroom, Your Fashion Fix by Staff on April 2, 2009

fethebloglogo_signWho knew? … the 23rd day turned out to be one sunnier than New Yorkers have seen in many months. The wind carressed the soul rather than blow it away and a store grows in SoHo – where empty storefronts have visually darkened an already economically depressed retail landscape. I attempted to work – that counts. But, bit the dust three hours later and as such I am posting from underneath my favorite blanket propped up by seven pillows in my candle-lit bedroom. Depression ambience, I know. Sue me. I’m about to roll over and sleep the rest of the day away and it’s only noon.

They say entrance into Topshop is currently involving a two hour wait and a trek two city blocks long – we’ll pass.

Catch you later.

A friend who enjoyed VIP shopping access yesterday evening did report fantastic news however. Yes, the pickings are just as decent as we expected – Duh! Even more, those Emma Cook booties we were swooning after made a confident appearance in gotta-have-the gray and white. You already know that while I couldn’t make it today, i’m not staying away for too long! Gotta scoop those.

Update: The Emma Cooks were tragically sold out by closing. I am now boycotting the place. See you when I see you.

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