dream in color

Posted in recess, Your Fashion Fix by Staff on April 3, 2009


fethebloglogo_signI won’t front. I’m still an Apple head and proud of it. Don’t judge. There are those who think less of me because I’m extremely jaded but maybe now he’ll realize that I’m open to the possibilities. I’ve been excited about this lovely gadget since I first laid eyes on it and reported back to you all about it’s appearance on the runways and some of what the designer had to say about her latest project. Months later, I’m still intrigued and as I continue to torture my current laptop under the pressure of a bustling New York City daily commute and blogging on-the-go, I consistently re-visit the idea of owning one of these. Better yet, there are very stylish accessories! The tote is great. We’ve also seen a very adorable travel sized wireless mouse on enGadget or some other techno blog and the scarf is gorgeous on it’ s own.

A little bit of stalking every now and then via Google Reader led to news about a month ago regarding a giveaway in Singapore! There’s worldwide interest in it! We’d really like to see this thing up close and it seems like an opportunity is now!

New York City’s flagship Macy’s presents a fantastic Flower Show annually celebrating the arrival of spring and of course the greenery, topiaries, trees, and blossoms that come with it. The show includes examples from all around the world. It was canceled last year but has returned for 2009 under the headline of “Dream in Color’. You can check it out starting April 5th. An event like this one seems just as extraordinary as a runway show to present our product of the moment. The floral peony print fits right in. HP will sponsor three peony gardens that will especially feature the Vivienne Tam mini computer as high-fashion digital couture. Way better catchphrase then our ‘techno-chic’ I think. There will also be special displays during April at Macy’s stores in Chicago, Minneapolis, New York City, San Francisco and Philadelphia. We intend on getting a closer look and feel and tell you what we think.



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