Hellz Bellz: Spring-Summer 2009, Second Delivery

Posted in term project, Your Fashion Fix by Staff on April 16, 2009

fethebloglogo_signIt isn’t a secret that we’re all about Hellz Bellz around here at Funk Etiquette. We generally try to be equal opportunity but when it comes to ladies’ street wear, we picture ourselves as the ideal Hellz ‘belle’ or muse of sorts: we relish in our NYC bred grit and boast that we are tough as nails … freshly done acrylics that is – we also revel in our hair-done, high-heel swooning femininity.  We have a feeling the designer would agree with the Funk Etiquette mantra. We don’t let any one thing define our style but instinct and individuality.

Hellz™ presents the second installment of its Spring ’09 collection, Renegades of Funk, a tribute collection to the Electro-Sound of the 80’s in NYC. Paying homage to the string of electro 12″ records by Soul Sonic Force & Afrika Bambaataa including the label’s all time favorite, “Renegades of Funk,” which truly stood on its own without trying to sound (or not sound) like Planet Rock or Looking For The Perfect Beat. It was a song that was a beat of its own, a beat that the Hellz female can nod to! Adding color, to their often dark color palette, the new look came into fruition during a long day at work, when Renegades of Funk was on the tunes, inspiring a vibrant, cultural, funk style often synonymous to Bambaataa.

All this blasphemously good new stuff for the spring-summer season and I’m still piling up my pennies for the acid wash jacket I recently found on Karmaloop from the first delivery. Definitely gotta have that one and there’s this new Hellz x Coco tee that I obviously also need. Clearly, we can’t keep up!

“Now renegades are people with their own philosophy, they change the course of history…”                                                – Afrika Bambaataa, Renegades of Funk

I think we may have found our theme song.













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