Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on May 15, 2009

My ex-boyfriend’s mother furnished him with a definitive list of gifts to give his lady on special occasions that included four things: flowers, jewelry, perfume, and scarves. Though he had strayed from that short list over the length of our six-year romance, he had never failed to satisfy my most covetous affections. While I think the inclusion of scarves to his mother’s mix is a little old school, you can never ever go wrong giving women jewelry.

junyungyoon_rngjunyungyoon_mprntI’ve always felt however, that jewelry is case-by-case when it comes to men. Aside from a simple chain around the neck, most of my male friends never wear jewelry – unless you consider tie tacs, cuff links, and money clips trinkets of sorts. To me, gifting a man a ring is especially touchy. We all know why women get excited when their lovers present them with a ring … a beautiful band of any kind seems to imply an unspoken promise. While women eat that emotional stuff all up … most men probably wish to stay as far away from a ring as possible.

I’ve found a simple ring I’d love to give my man. It’s plain and practical, understated, with a special touch that sealed the deal – no pun intended. Raised lettering on the inside leaves the imprint of a special message on your finger when it’s taken off. Examples show type options using the words ‘always’ and ‘marry me’ but you can customize with your own words of choice. Artist and designer Jungyun Yoon notes that the ring was inspired by a song written by a Korean singer about a sunburn mark he noticed after he broke up with his girlfriend and removed the ring he’d worn during their relationship.


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