Jeremy Scott x Adidas at Opening Ceremony

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 fethebloglogo_signWe knew we could depend on Opening Ceremony to carry a bit of the Jeremy Scott – Adidas collaboration and it’s available to order online via the new webstore. Even better. Once again (and we know we deserve a prize or honorable mention the way we peddle the Jeremy Scott name) Get it while you can!

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yet another must have Longchamp x Jeremy Scott Pliage Bag

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lee_signIt’s a marginally expensive shame that I’m obsessed with this particular designer handbage collaboration. And though, I must say … the gold card style will remain a tear-jerking loss … this lovely floral version is definitely more my speed. How neat is this rose-plane print? Apparently it was handed out to key guests at his last runway show. (People’s Revolution, hire me please!) It’s available at Colette (€175, $230) now for us normal folks and I can’t let this one go.longchamp-jeremy-scott-pliage-bag

Jeremy Scott for Adidas

Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on September 26, 2008

I pretty much love everything Jeremy Scott. Anything he lays a designing hand on, i’ll covet. I searched the internet for months following his Ksubi collaboration and the skirt I really wanted would taunt me on every celebrity site – I love you Zoe Kravitz but the celebs have all the luck – and never anywhere for purchase. Similarly, the ‘Gold Card’ Longchamp bag did an admirable disappearing act that rivaled David Blaine. And the entire time interning at People’s Revolution I kept my fingers crossed, while Zein sauntered around in his jeans, that we’d hold a sample sale or that Edward would throw something my way. I’ve still yet to find that signature piece I’ll splurge and call my own. I would feel honored. It’s really that serious.

I’m so excited that adidas Originals has signed a multi-season deal with him to design apparel and footwear for both men and women … scheduled to release on February 1, 2009. That’s just around the corner! The collection will be launched in select boutiques  and a month later sold in adidas Originals stores nationwide.

“I really thought about all the things that my friends would want to wear, and a lot of my friends are pop stars. So I thought, ‘What would M.I.A. wear; what would the girls wear?’ Giant silver sequined shorts and jacket! It has a very strong look, because it’s like a disco mirror ball” says Scott. Source

Those gold high-top sneakers with the wings are over-the-top, out of control and as impractical as I like to be so you better believe I have to have them! Never seen anything like that. And, this time around I’m definitely getting that t-shirt with his signature zipper print. We can expect fringed jackets, a leopard print hoodie, a cropped bustier, and sequined shorts and trackpants in the line. I’m already aching in anticipation and I’m sure the folks at Adidas can’t contain themselves with how special this collaboration is. The apparel ranges from approximately $45 to $450 while footwear spans a $120 – $250 range.

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February 1st, 2009 promised the launch of the eccentric collaboration between adidas Originals and Jeremy Scott. We mentioned it a little while ago but news of pricing for particular pieces have leaked and we’re settling on three important must haves.

  • The JS Wings sneaker should set us back $180 but we’re really very excited about the gold color way.
  • The zipper shirt is one size fits all and a hefty $85 for a tee but the dramatic zipper graphic is on trend yet artsy and unique.
  • We’ve coveted the Hooded Fleece Tux ever since we saw Keri Hilson rockin’ it in the ‘Knock You Down’ video. It’s $170!

The Fleece Leopard Hoodie, also one size fits all is a bit too much of a novely item to reconcile paying $180 for it. I’d just schlep around the house in it anyway or make the occasional laundromat or supermarket run. I can only imagine the looks but I’d love it!


funk envy

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The paparazzi pull overtime shifts trying to catch Whitney Port now that she’s a certified reality STAR .. and not a contributing ‘actress’. While Lauren feigns a breather, Whitney is heading center stage and we’re abstaining from our daily dose of ‘haterade’ (we indulge in healthy moderation) until ‘The City’ debuts. However, when I caught sight of this … we all took an entire bottle to the head. She’s not doing our bag any justice!


We must have it. We will have it. Even if we have to ambush her as she arrives in ‘the city’ and …

“Smack the ____ in her face
Take her Jeremy Scott bag and the sweat shirt off her back
Jab her if she act …”

Excuse me, I constantly find myself quoting Biggie lately. 12 days until Notorious.

Oh, and next week Whitney on the The City. MTV.

An acessory that deserves some credit

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I love Jeremy Scott! I am definitely one that accepts his vision as it is and can’t stand the naysayers. He’s daring, youthful, totally revolutionary, and steadily prevails while the world around him is hatin’ … it all essentially screams ” Do your own thing and funk etiquette, yo!” so you already know he’s perfectly our style. I got a kick out of interning at People’s Revolution last summer and checking out his new collections before everyone else. People’s Revolution Public Relations represents some of the most inspiring brands including Longchamp. Their Pliage tote was a staple at my boarding school and as far as I’m concerned … normally reeks of upper class snobbishness but Jeremy has given it a fresh and fun jolt of his influence in collaboration before. What a smart move on Longchamp’s part. I lusted after the bag with the all over ‘Stomp’ print for so long. Never got it, of course. This time, however, he’s gone ahead and created a head turner that fits right in with the Longchamp aesthetic using the image of the ‘gold card’, embellished with his signature. It’s available at Colette if you’re interested.